Who are we?

Spices specialists for over a decade

India is an agricultural country.

The principal occupation among the Indian masses is cultivation of crops and other farm related activities. India takes pride in being the second largest economy in the production of agricultural materials.

NK Agro is one of the biggest spices exporters of India. We export a wide range of agricultural products. Dry chillies, Groundnut, Cummins, Fennel, Rice, etc are some of the commodities we export on a large scale.

We also have a cold storage facilities located in Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh which are used to store spices. It is a modern cold chain solution with latest technology to keep the products fresh.

At NK Agro we source all our raw materials from various states with high caution. Quality is our primary focus and all employees at NK Agro toil vigorously to uphold the calibre of the company.

We export fresh as well as processed agricultural products at unbeatable prices when compared to our competitors. Therefore we relish in having an excellent track record for towering customer satisfaction.